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Alliance and Rules

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1 Alliance and Rules on Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:36 am



Alliance Leaders:

King    - Count What a Face

All guilds starts with the name COBRA. This unite us as we are ONE, a big family !

Our goal is to make a STRONG ALLIANCE,
to have at least 2 out of 4 guilds with members lvl 190 or higher!

When the guilds get filled with ppl, I hope for something like:

Guild 1: Mixed levels on members from 1 to 169
Guild 2: Mixed levels on members from 170 to 189
Guild 3: Members from lvl 190 and higher.
Guild 4: Members from lvl 190 and higher.

Rules: Wink

- Read Alliance Board!
- Invite new members if there is room in the guild! All can invite!
- Always, always, help guildes and allies in dire need!
- Search for pt members within guild / ally before random.
- Never, ever, kill a guildy or an Ally = kicked and put in KOS.
- Use a decent language in guild/ally chat.
- Try to always speak english in the guild/ally chat.
- No private argues between members in the guild/ally chat.
- Be active and social.
- Obey your leaders!

About PK!

We usually do NOT pk ppl without reason. If you PK for fun, don´t over-do it so ppl get angry/mad, ok? We dont want a war with other alliances...

At teleporters we can accept if someone happends to PK someone, theres always PK there, always have been, and always will be... Don´t over-do it so ppl get too angry !

Once again - NEVER pk ppl from your own ally - NEVER ! Mad

Remember - All Can Invite !

Be active & Invite as much as you can!

Long live KING COBRA, our family in Dekaron.

Best regards to all involved ! Very Happy

// Count

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2 Re: Alliance and Rules on Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:22 pm


First of juli we got our new Alliance emblem:

GOLD ! ! !

I used the free 1000 I got from Papaya to buy the emblem !

Looks nice, right? Very Happy

// Count

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