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Oldschool deka gamer :D

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1 Oldschool deka gamer :D on Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:21 pm

Hallo everyone Very Happy going to introduce myself right here right now :3

I am Haris, 22 years ago born at some epic day 24th february 1992. Very Happy
Studying metalurgy and materials, playing dekaron sooooo long if you want something to ask ask Very Happy about what i saw and did all in game ^^
My birthplace is Bosnia & Herzegovina still live here but I lived also some years in Germany so yea i speak also german ( english i dont need to mention i guess Very Happy )

about the humor I think its something like Counts :'D enjoy the rest Very Happy

TheLegendaryKnight or how my friends and guildies used to call me back then TLK gues what Surprised I am back in game :'D with the nick Halstein!

I will post some old screenshots of my ak RIP T.L.K. <3

PreRequiem guild BanKai and Prophecy, epic L3 gloves :p

Verry funy scene, run out of pots was nunvice dng for magic of crevice dng requierment and yes I died there xD

This is the oldest screenshot of my ak Very Happy, so old that pic xd, now come some ss from me in prophecy and from the Siege castle battle when we won against jOkerZ, enjoy Wink

I hope you enjoyed the dekaron history class Very Happy haha sorry if its to much ^^

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2 Re: Oldschool deka gamer :D on Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:09 pm


Hello, Haris/Halstein !
You really seem to be a freind of the game and screenshoots !
I can imagine you had a nice time there, espacially in those gangs. If I should have some old screenshoots they would not be a bit like those... I was only lvl 93 in old 2moons . . .

But, to level up there was much harder, so even 93 I was a bit proud over Wink
Those where the days, my friend... Great pics & nostalgy ! ! !

Best regards // Count

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