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Guide How to level fast with Dshop

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1 Guide How to level fast with Dshop on Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:59 am

It realy cost not that much.
the items are only 900~999 only.

its easy u got enough to lv to 170 with just 10Euro.

First u gona buy in Dshop the : Special Booster Box for 900 Dcash.
then u gonna buy in Dshop the : Summer rune box.

What do they do.

well they are Exp trigger mechanics.
if you kill mobs it randomly gives you alot exp.

best is to use them both.

The Special Booster box gives: 300% amu (also Helps you alot) and it gives the Treusure Hunter rune. (trigger mechanic)
WARNING only 24 HOURS soo my advies buy 3 of The Special Booster box and 1 Summer Rune. to get full 3 days useage.

the Summer rune box gives you : a watermelon of 3days. an trigger mechanic with an nice buff.

oke if you bought those 2 items then follow the guide.

Just from lv 1-91 follow just the main Questions.

from 91-131 follow the IB B in draco dessert. my advise try to safe ur 20 Infinite Tickets for in Crespo.


on level 130 you get an main quest for getting an 500% 3day ammulet!!!


if ur gona level like my way with Dshop u dont need the 500% YET SO EARLY.

and from 131-165 go to IB A in Crespo. My advise Duo with guildies or with a good friend.

when you hit 165 and you have desent gear and think u hit alot of dammage.

go to Dshop and buy Ifinite Premium 2 Tickets.
An IB 2 in Deadlands.

if you bought that and you got +10 +9 (must be 13x atleast) you can solo it.

(must be in a party to enter)

if not ask a friend or in guild someone want to join you and help you.

then ur in u go stand on a safe distance (the Fence) u will see right away what i mean.

u go set ur buff and hold ur standing place there and u kill the monsters.
then you see Boss has Spawned.

it will go in crazy mode monsters will spawn
(huh Crazy no EXP) true but if you follow my fast level guide U have the melon and rune SO you can get like 20% exp every crazy mode.

then so go on in the IB2 dungeon ^^

and by the time u got time u can be in 1 week like 180+

hope its helpfull guys ^^

You're welcome ^^

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2 Re: Guide How to level fast with Dshop on Tue Nov 11, 2014 3:49 am

Cool and nice guide bro Smile
If I would do like this level 200 would'nt be a prob in few weeks Very Happy for me ^^ .
I am looking now for a solution how to level on without dshop :3.

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3 Re: Guide How to level fast with Dshop on Tue Nov 11, 2014 7:35 am


the only problem I see is how to get the needed dmg .

I seen your pic you do more then 120k crit , at my level with my gear I do 50-60k crits , how can a low lvl that wana do this can get to your dmg ?

I remember when I was lower (dmg of 40k crits ) I was in ib2 with 2 more and we hardly did it .

so what am I missing?

4 Re: Guide How to level fast with Dshop on Tue Nov 11, 2014 1:51 pm


I dont crit 120k thats someone else.

i crit 60k 55k.

a low level cannot do it.
unless it has gear.

but a few chars if there good builded they can also solo without gear.

a friend of me is a CS, he solo it also and has no gear 13x +7 and tf +7, but he is well stadded.

its all about how you play it, its kinda hard to yeah explain.

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5 Re: Guide How to level fast with Dshop on Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:51 pm


If you can show vedio that would be best .

6 Re: Guide How to level fast with Dshop on Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:55 pm

dont know how to make a vid^^

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7 Re: Guide How to level fast with Dshop on Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:58 pm

Depend on class. AK can do it prety easy if he do control+a bounce, then engage mobs, rest of time he yust run around. For other clases its ok if they can KB mobs. I belive u need steady 40k dmg. Overall, i would suggest to fast run 155 crespo dung till u hit around 170, it gona take around 2 days with both runes, maybe less. As for gear goes, its hard to buy 13x +9 gear this days, as 2 months ago i bought mine 13x +9 set for 12b, and now its like 30, and not to mentin AK set is one of cheapest, but well worthy, because it increase DPS allot. If u can't afford whole set, buy +9 gloves for start, bonuses to dmg are amazing on them, and try to get atleast 250 dmg brand.

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