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King and Alliance leader: Count

Subleaders: ChronuS, Joya, MeoZonFREE & V4Diesel

Guild Level: 3

Current members: 50 (2014-12-11) Full...

Level Requirement: 170+ (We stribe to become)


- Read Alliance Board!
- Invite new members if there is room in the guild! All can invite!
- Always, always, help guildies and allies.
- Search for pt members within guild / ally before random.
- Never, ever, PK a guildie or ally. Leads to kick and placed in KOS.
- Obey your leaders!
- Take care out there & Happy hunting - Count

I would like to send a special thanks to:

- MikiBG and Yanooo for all the guildpoints !
- MeoZonFREE for help with Real money for Ally Emblem !
- My subleaders for their good job !
- Clorinda for showing fate in me while start the C O B R A ally !
- FireOrb who did so much for the alliance and sadly quit...

And of course all wonderful members ! ! !

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Guild Info Count-10

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