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KING COBRA & DEKARONED Alliance - Dekaron

Forum for the KING COBRA & DEKARONED alliance. Information and discussions about us and the Dekaron game.

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Named to be ashamed . . .

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1Named to be ashamed . . . Empty Named to be ashamed . . . Tue Jun 21, 2016 12:13 am



MentalAnguish aka MrArrogant . . . Evil or Very Mad

Dont thrust this cheap lier... I gave him a helmet on condition that he stayed in the guild awhile.
Ofc he said. Next day he was gone and didnt give the helmet back.... Crying or Very sad

He claim to have sent it by mail...

My own son play too and managed to become friend with him and he showed my helmet for him... So, he´s just a sad excuse of a LIER...

I dont care about the helmet/what its worth/ I only care about peoples character and this one is a sad lier.... Beware... Embarassed

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