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KING COBRA & DEKARONED Alliance - Dekaron

Forum for the KING COBRA & DEKARONED alliance. Information and discussions about us and the Dekaron game.

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Random SS

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1Random SS  Empty Random SS Sat Nov 08, 2014 12:32 pm



Hey guys. Gona upload some ss.

If any one need some help, contact me ingame.

Have a nice day.

Random SS  104lyli
Thats perma wedding ring u get in honeymoon dungeon.

Random SS  Dqjdbs
Perma wedding ring when u upgrade it with 1k Dragon souls.

Random SS  Fa7e5s
Little stats that i have atm.

Random SS  29zu69f
Dmg with that stats. Need to mention thats SPR perpetus on, so with str i would get additional 150 STR, and dmg would increase like 10-15k on hit and could reach 170k.

2Random SS  Empty Re: Random SS Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:19 pm



Random SS  10zu1k0

Sacred claw- 175 dung. This was 1st time i managet do do it solo, finally after few tries. its important to understand bosses attack, and abilities. Now its pretty easy. Also boxing gloves helps allot on AK. Top damage drops but dps increase significantly.

Random SS  Iydi0w

part of a drop of this boss. There are total of 4 bosses, and bonus room, which drop double drop from bosses, but u need dream powder to enter. On average run u can get around 15-20 silver/gold argates and 30-50 lvl220 soulstones (each drop of ss is in stack of 5)+ materials that u need for perpetus.

To pass solo this dung i need around 20-22 mins, quite good farming methode.

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