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Guide V1 How to level up quick

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1Guide V1 How to level up quick Empty Guide V1 How to level up quick Sat Nov 08, 2014 4:40 pm



How to level up quick

lvl 1 ~ lvl 91:

1.) Main quests

 You will have from the start on Main quests by npc's that will give you alot of exp when you are done with it.
  1.1) Npc&mob location
Alot of people don't know where the next npc is or the mobs they have to kill for the main quest, here is the easy answer to that problem:
 -Press M and you will see the map in the window to the right you will see the names of all npc on that map and when you click on their name on the map will apear an orange point/dot and that is the npc you seek for, similar with mobs, over the names you see NPCs or Monster just click then on monsters and then the name of mob you need to kill Red circle will apear on map where you can hunt them.

lvl 91 ~ lvl 131

2.)Draco Infinite battle

 Go to Draco Desert, there you will find the dungeon Infinite battle B. Try to get a party there and do it so many as possible, if you have tickets and amulet 150% or 200% use maximum only 10 tickets save the rest you have, because you will need more next head i say more about why.
  -How to get a 150% or 200% amulet

For 150% amulet buy Red Gems and play Supply Machine if luck you will get one if not then you have maybe luck with the daily surprise box which can give you 200% amulet. Good luck!!!

  2.1)Death Fronts

-Try to get to all DF's as possible the exp is really good there.
 2.2)CQ Board
-When you do your main quest on almost every map is also the CQ Board get also them all, will give you some extra exp too.

lvl 131 ~ lvl 160+

3.)Ruins/Space/Crespo Infinite A

 When you get to Ruins do the main quests and also the daily quests. When you are done there go to Space and start to do your Transup quest "Awakening" and take the main quest.
 3.1)Main quest Space

-This main quest is important to do!
Because you will get amulet +500% EXP BUT DO NOT OPEN IT when you get it. SAVE IT!!!
 -Guild members that are alrdy higher levels, will you to do so many infinite A in Crespo.

 3.2)Crespo Infinite A
-This dungeon you start to do so called "Duo ib A" that means you will be in party with a guildie high lvl enough to do it solo, all you need to do is stay in that one corner of the dungeon and survive, I can tell you get alot of Malakites with you (fish buff) and if you never played GuitarHero3 on a keyboard now is the chance to break ya fingers on hitting F1 Pot / Auto pot and F2 Malakite ( ^^ a lil joke Very Happy )
 Get so many tickets as possible buy them or get them from boxes oooor get some friend into party who got some tickets Smile

Info: "You guys can also make it like both buy tickets 10 pieces or so many you can, then go together with a high level guildie so party of 3 ppl, that will be then 20 runs if each of you got 10 tickets, if you make at day 1 of amulet 30 runs you will be from 135 to 155 with breaks ofc no need to grind like a maniac, thats the main reason to save your tickets."

-When you hit 155 go for Crespo Dungeon A you can do it solo slowly or with a stronger guild member to do fast runs and lvl faster without infinite A (if no more tickets are per hand).

So thats it for now, wish you good luck, good hunting and fast leveling! Very Happy

  P.S. You will need a free weekend for this to play so much as possible +500% is for 3 days Wink  (thats why to save it till you have 3 days time to levelup)

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