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Ranks Guide :)

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1Ranks Guide :) Empty Ranks Guide :) Thu Nov 13, 2014 8:52 pm



Hey all!
I'm UltraSummoner, COBRA HIGH leader.
I decided to write for all of you a little guide about ranks in game. All of you can use this guide, those who already know and who don't.
Ranks are gained by gaining rank/grade points. Rank points can be earned by:
1) Getting rank up coins and exchanging them at Karin, Ardeca for rank points (100 points each 1 coin).
2) Repeatetive quest at Crespo Abyss.
3) I think (not sure) a few general quests deal also a little bit.

Ranks list, as I know, from lowest to highest:
New Trainee > Trainee > Senior Trainee > Elite Trainee >
New Infantry > Infantry > Senior Infantry > Elite Infantry >
New Guard > Guard > Senior Guard > Elite Guard >
New Esquire > Esquire > Senior Esquire > Elite Esquire >
New Knight > Knight > Senior Knight > Elite Knight >
New White Knight > White Knight > Senior White Knight > Elite White Knight >
New Blue Knight > Blue Knight > Senior Blue Knight > Elite Blue Knight.

Such as lvls, every time you rank up, you will be asked for more rank points to rank up, than the last one.

Every time you rank up, you get 1 skill point and 3 stats points.

White Knights, as I guess, are mostly lvl 185+
Blue Knights, as I guess, are mostly 190+ (this ranks are very hard to get them)!!

My suggestion for ranking up is:
for those who got money - buy and exchange for rank points at karin, Ardeca.
for those who aren't rich enough for it - quests at Crespo Abyss. quests there are easy, and you get there 3,000 rank/grade points each quest you fill. In addition, you can also get there letters coins of "DEKARON SUMMER FESTIVAL". when you get a full series of this, exchange the WHOLE sentence at once at Karin, Ardeca (DON'T exchange the words one by one), and you get 100 rank up coins per each full sentence.

I wish you happy ranking and lvling, and feel free for questions and comments.

best regards, Dvir, UltraSummoner.

2Ranks Guide :) Empty Re: Ranks Guide :) Thu Nov 13, 2014 8:57 pm



One more thing I forgot to say - rank points are also earned by DK battles!!

Enjoy ranking Smile

3Ranks Guide :) Empty Re: Ranks Guide :) Thu Nov 13, 2014 10:49 pm



Thanx for the information, Ultra!

I had no idea how many ranks there where and it seem to be quite many Wink

Good work ! ! !

I´ll try my luck in abyss !

If I only knew about this earlier... Wasted so many hours in abyss without these quests... C R A P ! ! !

An advice - do the abyss quests to rank up and farm miteras at the same time !


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4Ranks Guide :) Empty Re: Ranks Guide :) Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:41 am



DK battles give yout around 10-15k rank points, depend on lvl of DK square u participate. That is path i would suggest, not only that u get rank, yout get expirience in pvp.

Edit: update on grade points in dk sq, when action 17 comes.

G rank ~ D rank = removed
C rank = lvl 100 ~ lvl 149
B rank = lvl 150 ~ lvl 169
A rank = lvl 170 ~ lvl 185
S rank = lvl 186~

DKSQ is now able to use only 18:00 ~ 24:00 i think its like colo system..oO

grade points.
S rank : win:10500 lose:5250
A rank : win:7500 lose:3750
B rank : win:4500 lose:2250
C rank : win:3000 lose:1500

purchase points.
S rank : win:21000 lose:10500
A rank : win:15000 lose:7500
B rank : win:9000 lose:4500
C rank : win:6000 lose:3000

Need to mention, that this is flat points u get by wining or losing. For every objective/kill u get additional points.

5Ranks Guide :) Empty Re: Ranks Guide :) Sun Nov 16, 2014 12:06 am



Good Guide .
Meo showed me you can get some rank points also at Space DG by trading this small bottles that are used for expeditions .

6Ranks Guide :) Empty Re: Ranks Guide :) Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:45 pm



Everyone please pay attention!

Writing here (I also wrote in ally and my guild board) - All of you who still got letters of DEKARON SUMMER FESTIVAL event - use them and get rewarded BY WEDNESDAY. After the next maintanance, there is a high chance they disappear or become unable to use. Although if you didn't get full sentences, its much better than nothing. Therefore, suggesting to reward them at Karin, Ardeca as quick as possible, because it gives good prizes.
And of course that the other ways to gain DK rank points (DK battles, abyss etc.) are still available for all of you, if someone wonders.

Best regards and have a good week, Dvir, UltraSummoner.

7Ranks Guide :) Empty That might help Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:33 pm



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8Ranks Guide :) Empty Re: Ranks Guide :) Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:42 pm



Thanks a lot deathlost!

Really seems helpful for all of us. And of course, if you know other way to get DK rank points which wasn't mentioned here yet, feel free to tell us, we all will be happy to hear.

Regards, Dvir, UltraSummoner Smile

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