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WTS Aragte : Copper , Silver , Gold .

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1WTS Aragte : Copper , Silver , Gold .  Empty Re: WTS Aragte : Copper , Silver , Gold . on Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:34 am


i might consider buying silvers coz i still got plenty of coppers stocked and gold

2WTS Aragte : Copper , Silver , Gold .  Empty WTS Aragte : Copper , Silver , Gold . on Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:46 am


Hello All
*as of 28/Nov I am not selling aragets at this prices as the market is broken .

I am Selling Aragate .

Copper for 1 mil .

Silver for 23 mil .

Gold for 29 mil .

Prices may change if game prices keep going up but for now as I looked middle man prices are all above my price so I think its fair but  if you need low volume of them and look often you  may be lucky to get it for lower price From middle man , but also may find yourself in need to pay much more then my price  .

if anyone want to buy them and sell for more he is welcome to do so , Basically if you have the time and set the shop next to the refiner guys you can even sell copper for 1.5 mil and silver for 25 mil (and when someone try's to make +9 or + 10 on that day for more even ).

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