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KING COBRA & DEKARONED Alliance - Dekaron

Forum for the KING COBRA & DEKARONED alliance. Information and discussions about us and the Dekaron game.

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So yeah I'm Alyssaine xD

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1So yeah I'm Alyssaine xD Empty So yeah I'm Alyssaine xD on Sat Nov 22, 2014 6:48 pm


What's up guys I'm Alyssaine (CS) in the game, but my real name is Jafet. I know that my name sounds like i'm arabic....but actually I'm from Peru Cool for those who don't know where Peru is in South America xD, near Brazil... you know Peru, Macchu Pichu xD

I'm 26, also I'm an English Teacher here, believe or not, what else...uhm well I left the game like 4 years ago or so, when act 6 arrived, and moved to Rohan Online but I'm back so most of the things are new for me. So a nub xD

I'm glad and proud of being a KC member and be part of this family, even tho i don't know all of you guys. And... i think that's all sorry Twisted Evil  Didn't know what to say... well see you in game

Pz  lmL !!

LOL i just love that song! xD

2So yeah I'm Alyssaine xD Empty Re: So yeah I'm Alyssaine xD on Sun Nov 23, 2014 6:01 pm


Thank you for your presentation, Jafet!
We are proud to have you among us.
Its fun to see that we have members from all over the world!


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