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Ian, the new NPC in Ardeca...

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1 Ian, the new NPC in Ardeca... on Sun Dec 14, 2014 7:04 pm


Hello, all !

Does anybody know what can be done at Ian´s ? And how  Shocked

If you do, please answer below...

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2 Re: Ian, the new NPC in Ardeca... on Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:13 am

Extreme Action MMORPG dekaron.

Dear customer dekaron weapon system provides a new shape change
Deurimyeo show you how to use, below for instructions on using the
Please refer.

■ dekaron weapon appearance to change the system

1. What is "dekaron weapon appearance to change the system"?
- Revelations that can be used to change the appearance of the weapon costume as old items used
The system.

2. "dekaron weapon appearance to change the system" guidance

A. You can obtain the weapon looks through a big change item shop.
* Weapon appearance to change items: weapons of Blue Madness 30 days exchange box

B. per class with a weapon 30 days exchange box of blue madness, weapons distinguish the appearance you want to change
You will be paid directly to select an item.
[Weapons exchange box of blue madness;

[Weapons exchange box of blue madness;
C. Appearance changes you want to change your weapon to change shape and appearance subject to change materials
These two items are required.

D. External changes are to be inorganic type (type) as the target item and material items
Can be changed.
[Weapon appearance can be changed condition]

※ appearance as the other type (type) can not be changed.

3. "dekaron weapon appearance to change the system." How

A. You can proceed with the weapon appearance to change from "Ian NPC" of the area are big.
(Carmen NPC right)

B. weapons and items to the desired destination overt changes, the material items in each mouse click
To register.
[Weapon appearance to change windows with Ian NPC]

※ If you use a shape change material purchase in big shops do not consume extra DIL
C. You can find the relevant information in the item tooltip, if the weapon will outline the changes are complete.
[After the weapon appearance to change the item tooltip]
[After the completion of the item worn appearance change image]

4. Weapons Precautions appearance changes
* Weapon appearance changes, obtain weapons of the same type (class), material items can only be progress.
* The shape change is kept only weapons used during the period of the item.
* Weapons appearance change automatically when the holding time expires to return to its original shape.

Dear customer we can continue to provide a variety of benefits
We will have to try to dekaron.

Thank you.

- Games, dekaron more pleasure in giving all members Team -

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