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Forum for the KING COBRA & DEKARONED alliance. Information and discussions about us and the Dekaron game.

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The history of Bladesss

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1The history of Bladesss Empty The history of Bladesss on Sun Nov 16, 2014 1:02 am


[b]Hello my name is Bladesss(in game),Alex IRL.
I've been married for almost 6 years but I met and been with my wife since I was 10 years old(I'm old fashioned I know  Embarassed ) and   I have a 3 and a half year old son(my pride and joy).
In my everyday life I am a electronic technician(basically I fix mobile pones)and been doing this since I graduaded colege 7 years ago.
My  hobbies are sports like football(European football...not that American football crap),mountainbike'ing,jogging,bodybuilding(to a lesser extent) and ofcourse play'ing on my pc.

 I have been playing Dekaron since it was called 2Moons.My first encounter with the game was in open beta late 2005 on Korean server witch i have no idea wat it was caled lol.I played on korean server for 3 months,after that I got bored with not understanding a thing and quit untill Acllaim baught the publishing rights in 2006 and started there with an AK(dont remember the name) on Abbadon server.Didnt take the game too seriously at first and I have noobed arround for 1 year with that particular Ak untill I decided to start a bagi warrior(Jpj3pj3pj3p was and still is the name of my bagi) but this time on Trieste server.
Well from now on the real story, and history some mite add, starts...I got a request to join Shogun guild 3 months after I started my bagi and went with this guild till I was lvl 125.
Imediately after I leved up past 125 I got a request from ShingXiao  to join a rather new guild at the time called Death is Eternal or this guild I found out what 2Moons is all abaut...hardcore PK parties,counquering whole maps,24 hours of continuus gameplay,how to troll GM's Twisted Evil ,how to get banned for pk'ing a GM(Pipipapibou, Raizin,DDRexpert,UnholyGoat...still miss u guys)  Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil ,game drama,QQ'ing for getting your ass kicket cause of 'LAG'  Wink ,the awsome feeling of wining the castle in siege and last but by no means the least how to have fun and how to have real friends in a virtual world.
Eventually,after the merger of Trieste and Abaddon I quit my bagi for good only too come back 1 year after too start playing my summoner witch was originally an OP lvl 1 vendor that never set foot outside Loa or Braiken lol.
My 1st guild on my summoner was a very small guild named The Referees(led by ErvGotty)...well I stayed in this guild untill the leader quit the game in A6(I was lvl 141 at the time).Beeing a small guild we didnt do much pk'ing but the leader was so awsome it really felt like we were a family.
After the disbandment I joined EyoVox in Synergy.A complete opposite from my previous guild,meaning all I did was pk like crazy and DK square.
At lvl 146 right before A7 was anounced I joined guild Heaven (led by MagicN17)...I mostly lvl'd up till 160 did 1 siege for old time sakes with them(Siege was lost btw  Laughing ).
I quit the game right after A10 or something because frankly the game got too easy and boring and it wasnt the same thrill in killing ppl or doing raids.
I restarted to play the game in the summer,out of boredom more than anything else.I was also curious to see who still play's and perhaps too greet some old friends...sadly found too phew of them.
Well I was abaut to quit again when I went to a doom df and got invited by GHOSTDEMON to join Cobra...I did it on a whim say'ng...'wth y not'...and here I am after 5 or so months still playing and going at it hard enough to be able to call myself adicted to the game once again.
So in that aspect  THANK YOU guys for giving me the patience,the will to play again,and that certain something  that is undefinable but oh so required when play'ing an old MMO such as this(feeling I believe is called).
Hem hem...that was my sob story,so to speak...all in all I'm a very old player of the game and basically there is nothing I didnt do in this game and that includes hacking  Twisted Evil .Yeah I made a mage for the LUL'Z and hacket my way to 130 with it right before I quit the game in A10( in my defence I didnt think I'll be coming back XD)

P.S. Feel free to kick me from guild if some thing I did bother any1...meh srry abaut the edit.


2The history of Bladesss Empty Re: The history of Bladesss on Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:57 pm


Hi Blades
I was happy to read all you wrote ,not so happy about hacking but as long as its part of past days and not nowadays its cool :-) ,what you did in the past is part of the past :-)

what I did liked is your experience with Siege and game , this will be very useful some day :-)

also your pk pvp experience will be of good use when we start having pvp events :-)

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