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Action17.0 updates - Japanese update from 19.11.2014

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1. New map "Midera" added


 New DK map "Midera" will be added.
 In "Midera" to 170 level or higher,
 you can admission from "closed dimension of gate" of "Arudeka".

2. Meister skills added


 New skills "Meister skills" will be added.
 Go at 170 level or higher to the new map "Midera",
 you can order from the NPC "Meister ing perennial"
 is possible to learn skills at Quest.
 Also, after learning skills, in same "Meister ing perennial"
 It is possible to strengthen the skills.  ※ When Meister skill learning, are all existing skill level is initialized.  ※ Meister skills can not be enhanced by the use the skill points.    Can be acquired to defeat the field and dungeon boss    please visit the "Meister ing perennial" in a state in which possession of the various skills book.

3. Connection reward system added


 Three of the reward system will be added.  • Connection time reward   you can earn a reward, depending on the game of connect time.  And targets monster subjugation   target number only I can earn rewards by subdue the monster.   ※ There is a case to subdue number is to subdue the monster level difference between the characters is large is not counted.  Key items   the specified item, you can earn rewards by collecting target number.  ※ Please make this connection, reward system than reward events icon in the upper left corner of the screen.    In addition, existing login reward "decalone coin" will be abolished.
4. Other system improvements


 · Shops re-purchasing system
 re-purchase of items that were sold in the shops I can.  ※ game log out, or reverting to the character selection screen,   re-buy window will be initialized.  · Equipment detachable system  equipped with mounting / release operations, I can only be in the right-click of the mouse.  Inventory tidy system  when you click the Inventory tab on the left side icon,  you can arrange the items that are stored.

5. New items appeared in the D-shop!


 To D-shop, and add "holy water of the Almighty" feature-packed!

Items For Sale

 · Almighty of holy water (the 2nd): 250Point
 -Almighty of holy water (the 15th): 800Point
 -Almighty of holy water (30 days): 1200point  use a certain period of time, items that can use the following function.   And experience value 30% additional winning   party in the "holy water of the Almighty" use experience value added depending on the number of people win   , all of the status +35 always apply   item strengthening success probability + 5%   dungeon entrance fee 10% discount   -shopping / remote use of mediation office / mailbox   warp function to-another map   warp function of to and the same map in the NPC position   warp function to party members position


 Server equipment maintenance
 · WEB page maintenance
  I removed the event-related items.
 · "Halloween lucky box" sales end
 I was deleted, "decalone coin".


Any news when we get Action17.0 ?


I belive in next 1-2 weeks we could get new action because same developers release all actions. Japan today recived new action, and we didnt, and that is because we have maintance at same day as they do.


Dear Heroes,
Your wait is almost over! ACT17's release date is coming fast!
On the menu:
- A full revamp on the experience table
- A new area for level 170+: "Mitera"
- A second job advancement: "Meister Skills"
- A new Item Exchange System
- A new Reward System
- New pets (from Dragons to Slims)
- Possibility to re-purchase the sold items
- And some other improvements
We will release more details (including complete Update Notes) in the coming days, so stay tuned!
Okay, enough suspense! ACT17 will be LIVE on Wednesday, 26th November after the maintenance!


What will happen with coins of DEKARON SUMMER FESTIVAL (the event)? will it end?
and what about miteras? should i sell them all before wednesday, or it will stay?


Summer coins may be removed, but miteras gona stay, as mitera drop/upgrade is now permanent "event".


Ty guys, i read it all carefully. And today its the big day to act 17 ^^
I wish since years some improvement on middleman, like a search inside would be usefull.

Regards, matutaza


i want female ak is coming?


Female ak is Action18.0


:C in two years more :S

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